Daniel Ethan Newell
Daniel Ethan Newell was born on December 14th, 1973 in Tallahassee, Florida. He grew up in Forest Park and Conyers, Georgia.

In 1992, Daniel graduated from Rockdale Highschool. The next year after graduation, Daniel served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Moscow, Russia. It was there that he met his wife-to-be, Mary March, where they were thrown out of a city together due to passport problems. He returned from his mission in 1995, and wed Mary on December 8th in the Washington D.C. Latter Day Saints Temple.

Daniel and Mary had their first child, Joshua, in November of 1996. In the following years, they had five more, completing a flock of 6 stunningly beautiful children, balanced perfectly between boys and girls. Daniel doted on his kids, and was often heard speaking of them, always with the most amazing glint of love and contentment in his eyes.

Truly befitting of the term "Renaissance Man", Daniel indulged in self-study of topics that ranged the spectrum from physics to psychology, from Aikido to cooking and singing. Daniel also enjoyed shooting both guns and cameras, and applied his talents for awhile as a professional wedding photographer. He has also worked as a mechanic of automobiles, nautical craft, and military vehicles, and also as a Validation Engineer for Intel. Most recently, he had turned his eye for detail and perfection to the trade of finish-carpentry and started his own business in Beaverton, Oregon, producing what could only be classified as "art" in some of the upscale homes in the area.

Daniel had a unique and refreshing perspective on the world around him. Many people, upon meeting him for the first time, thought he was crazy because he was simply so open, kind, and genuine. It never took long for people to become fast friends with Daniel, and he acquired many, many friends over the years.

Of course, Daniel loved motorcycles. Riding road-trips, racing, or just parking the bike and sitting at Starbucks having coffee, enjoying conversation with his multitude of friends in the local sport-bike community, Daniel was at home. He rode well and had confident command over his Suzuki GSXR. The morning of Memorial Day, Daniel joined a group of his friends on a ride down to Detroit Lake. It's a back-country ride that is a favorite among many, with winding roads and beautiful, rugged scenery. After a long day of riding, the group made it back up to Portland where people split off to go their seperate directions. Someone remembers Daniel indicating that he wasn't ready to call it a day, and that he wanted to ride more...so he did exactly that.

With incredible disregard to anything that is perceived as "fair", this is where the story ends .. at approximately 4:45pm, May 28th 2007 as Daniel took the flyover exit towards Oregon City. Many of us will always wonder what exactly happened that led to the crash that took him from us; Daniel was too skilled to just "wreck". Perhaps God Himself reached down and plucked him right off the highest part of the overpass there? Many may wonder, but EVERYONE will miss Daniel. Forever.

Daniel is survived by his mother, Sherry Leebelt Devin; father Carlos Newell; sisters, Kiersten Elizabeth Ballard, and Ingrid Erin Duncan; brothers John Thomas Newell and Mathew Austin Newell; ex-wife Mary March-Newell, and his six children:
Joshua Benjamin Newell, age 10
Danielle Marie Newell, age 8
Ethan Easton Newell, age 7
Katie Daisy Newell, age 5
Adam Abraham Newell, age 2
Rachel Angel Newell, age 11 months

Let me tell you a secret about a father's love,
A secret that my daddy said was just between us.
See, daddies don't just love their children "every now and then",
It's a love without end.